The school uniform must be worn at all times beginning the first day of school.
Uniform should be clean and free of holes, fraying, and damage.


Redeemer students are required to wear approved school uniforms.  These must be purchased from Dennis Uniform Company.  For a complete list of approved uniform pieces, please go to Dennis Uniform’s web site and enter Redeemer’s school code: M3HRED.


  • Logo wear sweatshirts and t-shirts may be purchased online from our Spirit Wear Store. Please go to the school website, click on the PARENTS tab, SPIRIT WEAR STORE. All “school outwear approved” items may be worn to school any day. “Friday approved” t-shirts may be worn to school on Fridays only. “Redeemer Redwood City Spiritwear” items are intended for adult use and are not available in youth sizes.


  • Clothing items with the Indian head and tree logos may no longer be worn to school.


Note: Students out of dress code may be restricted from attending classes or special school events until proper school attire arrives.  Students in grades 6-8 will receive conduct grade deductions for repeated dress code infractions and a detention will be enforced. Additional dress code requirements include:


  1. School personnel will make the final decision regarding uniform infractions.  Additional requirements may be applied on a case-by-case basis when deemed necessary.

  2. Polo shirts must be red, navy, or white and worn neatly tucked in at all times. Polos must be appropriate size. Any plain red, white, or navy polo without logo is acceptable. Polos may be purchased from Dennis Uniform, but not required. Shirts must be worn at all times (including under sweatshirts).

  3. Pants & shorts must be appropriate size and worn at the natural hipline (no sagging).  Trouser legs may not be tucked, rolled, or rolled into socks. 

  4. Skirts & jumpers may be no shorter than three inches above the knee.  School personnel will be the final judges on appropriate length.  (Exception: stock, non-modified skirts, jumpers and skorts, of proper size, that are shorter.)  Skirts must be appropriate size, may not be rolled at the waistband, and must be worn at the natural waistline. 

  5. Shoes must be non-marking rubber or leather-soled with no metal plates, arches, or toes.         NO slip-ons, boots (including Ugg-style boots and rainboots), sandals, backless, toeless, or roller shoes are allowed. Shoes must tie, Velcro or buckle and be worn laced and tied securely in a visible, traditional manner.  Shoes must be worn properly and cover foot.  Shoe heels/soles may not exceed one inch in height. All students participate in PE classes and must wear secure, supportive shoes. Regulation uniform shoes are required at all times including special and free dress days.

  6. Socks must be worn with all shoes.  Socks may be white, red, navy, or black.

  7. Tights or leggings in white, red, navy, or black may be worn under skirts and jumpers. Solid color only, no patterns. (Sweat pants are not allowed under skirts/jumpers.)

  8. Undergarments may not be visible at any time.  Girls should wear shorts under skirts and jumpers.

  9. Redeemer spirit wear shirts (aka Friday shirts) may be worn to school on Fridays only. Scouts may wear organization uniforms on meeting days.

  10. Only official Redeemer School sweatshirts, fleece, and jackets may be worn.  Winter coats of your choice are allowed during inclement weather only.  Winter coats and rain gear may be worn outdoors only.

  11. Boys’ haircuts must be neat, around the ears, no longer than collar length, and above the eyebrows.  No fad cuts, tails, shaved heads, extreme spikes, etc.  No facial hair (e.g., mustache, beard) is allowed.  Hair must be a natural color.

  12. Girls’ hairstyles should be modest rather than extreme, no fad cuts, not covering eyes.  Hair must be a natural color.

  13. No makeup (including lip gloss) is allowed.  Makeup articles and hairspray may not be brought to school and will be confiscated.  No perfume, cologne, or scented lotions may be worn or brought to school. Fingernails must be neatly trimmed. 

  14. Only girls are allowed to wear earrings.  Piercings are allowed in the ears only.  Only one pair of earrings may be worn.  No double piercings.  Earring size may not be larger than a dime.  No dangling earrings. 

  15. No visible permanent, henna, or temporary tattoos are allowed. This includes the use of ballpoint pens, markers, etc.

  16. Hats, knit beanies, caps and visors, plain or with appropriate logos, are allowed outdoors only. Winter scarves may be worn outdoors only.  Sweatshirt hoods may not be worn indoors. 

  17. No torn, tattered, or otherwise modified uniforms are allowed.  Uniforms must be properly laundered and in good repair.

  18. Students should bathe or shower daily and use an appropriate body deodorant. Clean hair, teeth and fingernails are the responsibility of every student.

  19. “FREE DRESS” Guidelines: NO short shorts, short skirts, saggy pants, ripped or torn pants, pajama pants, tank tops, halter tops, or spaghetti straps are allowed. Tops must be long enough to cover midriff. Clothing must be in good taste and appropriate for a Christian elementary school environment. Regulation shoes must be worn on all free dress and special dress days (see item #5).

  20. Students may wear approved free dress on their birthday (or half birthday for summer birthdays).

  21. Teachers may make additional dress requirements for field trips when “free dress” is allowed.

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