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Information About Our School

Redeemer Lutheran School, a Christian private school, located in Redwood City, California, has been serving San Mateo County and the San Francisco Bay Area's Mid-Peninsula for over 50 years.

Our school is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and by the National Lutheran School Accreditation Association. Approved grade level curriculum requirements include courses in language arts (reading, spelling, grammar, writing) mathematics, science, social studies/history, music, arts and religious studies.

As an important ministry of Redeemer Lutheran Church, it also is committed to share the love of Jesus in a caring way, offering people help, hope and healing in Him.

Our School's Goals and Objectives

Our primary goal is to help children develop a positive view of the future and acquire the attitudes, knowledge and skills necessary to become successful, contributing Christians in a rapidly changing world. Therefore,

  • All students will hear, see, feel, and experience the love of Christ in their lives;
  • The teachers, parents and congregation members will interact so that students will be nurtured with God's love and grace;
  • Students' attitudes and views of the future will be positively enhanced by the demonstration of spiritual values in the school community;
  • All students will be actively and enthusiastically involved in the learning process;
  • Classroom instruction will include contemporary technology and tools that encourage productive, effective and successful learning;
  • The school community will provide a learning environment where children will be successful both as individuals and group members;

Classroom experiences will provide an awareness of social concerns which enable students to respond with Christ's love to those needs

Additional Information

For more information about our curriculum and our students' activities, please visit our What's Special section.

Additional information about our Administrator and Faculty can be found in the Meet Us section.